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A Trip Down Memory Lane
2nd Annual Hebrew Awards - May 19, 2018
SCM Awards Memphis - Israelite Winners (May_20_2018)
2nd Annual Hebrew Israelite Awards Meet & Greet - May 18 2018
Angel - We Were Created (SCM2018)
AzaraYahu - Covenant (SCM2018)
Bro Jacob Speech - (SCM2018 Award Show)
Hakim And Co (SCM2018)
Hakim - False Preacher SCM2018)
Prince David - Concrete Jungle (SCM2018)
Sounds Of Sinai - We Magnify His Name (SCM2018)
Spoken Words (SCM2018)
4th Tribe Static - Attic Horses Bridal (SCM2018)
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"Once a person gives over to false religion, they are no longer rational because they originates no thought. Their lives are controlled by whomever controls their religion"
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